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All golfers have had those days when their putting stroke feels completely off. What they’re feeling is torque — the twisting of the putter head — and it’s the enemy of consistent putting.

Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) is a patented technology we developed that simplifies putting. It eliminates torque from the design of a putter, giving all golfers the ability to consistently repeat their stroke — especially when the pressure is on.

Whether you’re a great putter or a golfer who frets every 5-footer, our putters and grips will help you become a better putter. That means lower scores… and more bragging rights.



DF 2.1 is what happens when you throw convention out the window and commit to creating something better. Like all our putters, it’s created with Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.), a patented technology we developed that allows our putters to stay square to the arc of a golfer’s stroke, making it easy to hit your line and nail your pace.

DF 2.1 takes this technology to the extreme with an ultra-stable, oversize mallet design that maximizes consistency on off-center hits.



B.2 looks like golf history and feels like melted butter on a stick. Its design is inspired by the timeless Bullseye putter we all remember fondly — maybe from Johnny Miller’s 63 in at Oakmont, quite possibly from grandpa’s basement, probably from your local putt-putt.

What makes it totally different (and light-years better) is the addition of Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology. With B.2, you won’t be fighting the twisting and torquing and twitching you’re used to feeling from your blade. It’s smooth sailing back and through.



Press Grips are created with our built-in Forward Press Technology, which pre-sets the ideal shaft lean at address and makes it instinctive for golfers to hit up through impact and create a pure end-over-end roll.

They’re available in two different tilts (1.5 degrees and 3 degrees) to help golfers dial in the right amount of forward press for their putter and stroke, as well multiple shapes and constructions to suit a wide range of feel and weight preferences.


The most critical aspect of every L.A.B. Golf putter is determining the optimal lie angle for a golfer, which is accomplished through either an in-person or a free remote fitting. Once we know what Lie Angle Balance we need to achieve, we build the putter to order and individually set the Lie Angle Balance to a golfer’s ideal length, lie angle, and grip type.

Looking for something extra special? We’ve got you covered. Custom options are endless with the DF 2.1, which is available in three colors and with a full range of custom shaft and alignment aid options.




The hallmark of great putting is returning the putter face to “square” at impact, or perpendicular to the target line. That’s not our opinion; it’s science. The latest research shows that 83% of a putt’s starting direction is influenced by the direction of the putter face at impact. The other 17% is influenced by the path of the putter head.

Lie Angle Balance (L.A.B.) Technology makes it effortless for golfers to deliver a square putter face at impact because, unlike other putters, it keeps the putter face square to the arc throughout the stroke. It makes putting as easy as picking the right line, the right speed, and making your natural stroke.

With no adjustments to make during the stroke, golfers can be confident that their putts will roll exactly where they’re aiming. With a L.A.B. Golf putter, golfers will quickly see that they’re better putters than they think.


Wouldn’t it be great to know that your putter was created to swing perfectly square to the arc of YOUR stroke? Not Nicklaus. Not Norman. And definitely not your Cousin Ned. Just you. And that’s what you get when you buy a L.A.B. Golf putter. 

Through an in-person fitting or Remote (online) Fitting, a certified L.A.B. Golf fitting expert will determine the exact length, lie angle, grip, shaft type, and alignment aids necessary to take your putting game to new heights. From there, we will build your putter to order with our proprietary Lie Angle Balancing process, which ensures that your putter is Lie Angle Balanced to your stroke.


The forward-press is an often misunderstood concept among golfers, and even golfers who understand it often find it difficult to execute. Success comes from leaning the shaft forward at impact to reduce loft, while at the same time contacting the ball with an upward putter path to encourage the truest possible roll. 

L.A.B. Golf putters will perform with any putter grip, and our Press Grips work with any putter, but we see the best performance when they’re paired together. That’s because Press Grips are created with our built-in Forward Press Technology. It allows golfers to keep their hands vertical at address, allowing the angle of the grip to pre-sets the ideal shaft lean. This makes it instinctive for golfers to hit up through impact and create a pure end-over-end roll.  

Press Grips are available in six different models that allow our fitters to perfectly match golfers with the optimal amount of forward press, as well as a grip shape that suits their feel preferences.


All L.A.B Golf putters are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

DF 2.1 is crafted from precision forged 6061 aircraft aluminum and then undergoes a heat treatment to ensure consistency. Finally, it’s 100% milled to its final shape.

B.2 is also 100% milled and available in two different metals: premium stainless steel and ultra-soft brass.

L.A.B. Golf's Story

Rolling a golf ball into a hole shouldn’t be complicated. Yet for golfers around the world, putting is the most challenging part of the game. We created L.A.B. Golf to simplify things. 

People say that putting problems are in our head, and that is a very real challenge. But there’s an even bigger problem. The putters we’re using aren’t helping us putt better. In fact, they’re working against us.

Winston Churchill called golf “a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” Back in his day, Churchill had a point. But today? Every club in the bag has seen its performance improve radically… except for the putter. 

Golfers basically have two options when it comes to their putter: a mallet or a blade. And aside from a little shaping here, a little perimeter weighting there, and maybe an insert or some colorful paint, today’s putters are all pretty much the same. Golfers switch back and forth between putters all the time. Can any of us honestly say there’s ever been a lasting difference?

We want to be clear about something. We’re not demeaning the quality and craftsmanship that goes into today’s putters. We count ourselves among the collectors of gorgeous Pings, Camerons, Bettinardis, and other great works of putter art. We’re just saying that we’re not using those putters on the course. We don’t think anyone should. Not anymore. 

The best golfers in the world have mastered nearly every shot in the game, but even for them putting is an entirely separate challenge. One day they make everything, and the next day they can’t buy a putt. And if they can’t hole putts with consistency, what chance does the average golfer have?

At some point in their life, every golfer has thought, “I suck at putting.” For many golfers, it’s a permanent feeling. And it’s just not true. Every day we show golfers that they’re better putters than they think. They just need better science on their side. And that’s what L.A.B. Golf is bringing to the golf world.  

We believe it’s possible for all golfers to be excited about putting. Not only that; we know it’s absolutely necessary to safeguard the future for this game we love so much. Together, we can create a brighter future on the course filled with more fun, lower scores, and more friends who make time to hit the links. 

Putting doesn’t have to suck. And it won’t… once you Untorque Yourself.

“Get your best putter, fitted by the Elites of the Golf industry”

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